Hello all my friends!

I have RETIRED from traveling to my farm and home for over 20 years. During my travels, I have "pitched a perfect game"... no runs, no hits and no erors!
You can see my home in the photo below.

My family has made every accommodation to make me happy and comfortable,
You can see all my room in the photo below, (my bedroom is even attached to my Dad's house)!
They have been so good to me over the last 28 years!

We could use your donations to keep me out of a zoo and on my farm with my family.
Help keep me in my home with my Dad and help him with my expenses as I will not be moving!

Laura The Elephant


PS. I now have the time to join Facebook!


You can mail donations to our address:
Ivory Haven Farms

PO Box 888

Newaygo, MI  49337


Ivory Haven Farms
(231) 924-1998
P.O. Box 888 - Newaygo, MI 49337
Preservation Through Education and Entertainment

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